At Flawless we take pride in our design work and craftsmanship. 

One of the best parts of our job is taking older, unwanted or inherited pieces of jewellery and turning them into something much more beautiful and wearable than before…

From years old pieces found in a drawer, worn out engagement rings, inherited and sentimental pieces, to just simply wanting a change, we can completely remodel your jewellery into a whole new design or even keep the same style as the original, but with that extra bit of Flawless magic of course!

We can re-use all existing metals and stones or just the key pieces you want to keep meaning all the sentiment is still there but with a newer, shinier, and much more luxurious finish!

Scroll down to see some of the work we have been lucky to work on over the years along with the story behind it, and our lovely customer comments…


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Remodelling STORIES

We were commissioned to make this classic rubover set pendant by a long standing customer, who wanted to gift some of her old jewellery to her granddaughters. Having decided on the style she wanted, we made the pendant to fit the existing diamond and attached it to the chain to allow it to slide through, giving the illusion it is floating.

"I would never use anyone else to make or repair my jewellery, so Flawless was the obvious and only choice when I decided to remake my ring for my granddaughter. We were both delighted with the result, and the pendant looks so much better on her than the ring ever did on me!"


This couple had purchsed their Opal engagement ring on holiday together. Once home they realised that the design they had wouldn't fit with a wedding ring, so some remodelling was needed. They brought it into us at Flawless where we worked with them to create a new design that would fit perfectly next to a wedding ring. Whilst checking it over we found that what they thought were diamonds around the edge were actually synthetic. We replaced the synthetic stones with brand new round brilliant cut diamonds, which as you can see are a million times brighter!

"I'm so lucky and a massive thank you to the lovely Rob at Flawless for making it happen, top man!!!"

Charlotte and Rob

These three rings were inherited by our customer from her late mother, but she wanted to use as much of the materials as possible to transform the rings into one she could wear everyday. We created this two-tone band, incorporating the diamonds into each of the white gold edges to enhance their white colour.

"I was speechless when I saw the ring, it's absolutely beautiful. It's everything I wanted, the colours contrast perfectly and the diamonds look so sparkly now! Thank you so much."


This customer wanted us to remake her late husband's wedding ring into two heart shaped pendants, one for her and one for their daughter. In addition to this we added a Diamond for her, and an Amethyst for her daughter (her birthstone), set like a star to represent him in both of their hearts.

"Thank you so much, it's perfect. Exactly what I wanted and handled with such care I couldn't be happier. My daughter and I now have something so precious to us, something we can wear everyday to remind us of him and for that I want to thank Rob."


This customer inherited her mother's Sapphire and Diamond dress ring, but felt it was a little outdated. After sketching some designs we agreed to remake it in white gold, with a modern setting and style.

"I'm so happy with my new ring, Flawless listened to what I asked for and made it a reality. I feel like this design has given the sapphires a new lease of life."


Our customer wanted a brand new ring, using materials from her old and worn jewellery. She had seen our 'Kiss' design and wanted to incorporate her stones and metals into a bespoke version, just for her. We created a Yellow Gold setting for the centre stone, and set each of the diamonds from her Eternity ring, diagonally into the crossover bands.

"I am in love! I love my ring, and the design and it makes my diamonds look so much more beautiful than they did before. The workmanship is outstanding and I am so happy I found Flawless!"


Extremely unhappy with her already once remodelled engagement ring, our customer came to us to remake her ring again.. After explaining how uncomfortable and bulky her ring was to wear, as well as being very unhappy with the look of her ring, Rob drew 4 different designs for her to choose from, we remade a much more girly & refined ring, showcasing the best of her diamonds.

"I absolutely love my ring. It looks amazing, so much more beautiful than it was before! It's a true work of art, I can't believe the transformation!! I am so pleased I found Flawless, thank you Rob and team."


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